As part of our overall safety goals, GMJ Air Shuttle has established a system for all GMJ employees to voluntarily identify and report safety and operational concerns. The collected information is reviewed and analyzed to facilitate early detection and improved awareness of operational deficiencies and adverse trends. The information specified in employee reports is used to identify the root causes and determine appropriate remedial actions which are then monitored for effectiveness. This process promotes collaboration between employees and management for the early identification of hazards and to maintain a proactive approach regarding safety concerns and corrective action recommendations.

GMJ Air Shuttle, in cooperation with our employees and the FAA, has established an Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) for Flight, Cabin and Maintenance Crews. The GMJ ASAP is a voluntary, self-reporting program designed to identify and reduce possible flight safety concerns. ASAP uses employee input to identify significant safety concerns and issues; operational deficiencies; non-compliance with regulations; deviations from company policies and procedures; and unusual events. In partnership with all relevant departments each report is investigated and corrective actions determined based on a non-disciplinary approach to flight safety.

A report is classified Non Sole-Source when information contained within the report reaches the company through a source other than your report. An example would be a pilot deviation filed by ATC. Non Sole-Source reports must be filed within 24 hours of the end of your duty day.

If the event does not involve a regulatory deviation or violation, and the company would have no knowledge of the event outside of your report, it is considered to be Sole Source. There is no time limit for reporting Sole Source events. It is however recommended that you submit these reports within 24 hours.

If circumstances prevent filing electronically, call the Safety Hot Line (888) 779-6538 within 24 hours of the end of your duty day. Record your name, tail number, date, location and brief description of the event. After contacting the Hot Line a full report must be filed within 3 calendar days.

For any ASAP related questions please contact Rohnda Huskey at rhuskey@xojet.com.